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Hide My WP : WordPress plugin hide the Fact you use WP

Hide My WPRecently a new plugin launched in the plugin market which name is “Hide my Wp”.Hide My WP claims this plugin hide the fact that you’re using WordPress CMS on your blog.This plugin looks good and helpful for the security purpose.

What is Hide My WP plugin

Hide My WP plugins is a security tool for your WordPress site which secure your website from intrusions and attacks.There are thousands of attackers who are looking for your website, so you have to prepare before getting attacked by intruders.

Hide my WP plugin simply hide the fact that you’re using WordPress on your site or on the blog.You can see the result directly by using WPthemedetector or Whatwpthemeisthat, these both are the giants which show peoples to which theme or plugin you’re using, but after installing Hide My WP plugin both of them will start showing that “” does not appear to be a WordPress site.

This plugin removes completely the fact that you’re using WordPress on your site.

Key Features

  1. Secure your WordPress site
  2. Hide the secret theme and plugin you use.
  3. Minify HTML
  4. Minify CSS
  5. Changes the Login URL

1.Secure your WordPress site

Hide My WP secures your WordPress site from attackers and Intruders.Your website is looked by many hackers and they can really hurt your WordPress site.Hide my WP restricts the direct access to the PHP file of your WordPress to protect your script.

2.Hide the theme and plugin you use.

Hide my WP plugin hide the fact that you’re using WordPress on your site which helps to hide the information related to plugin and theme.
Most of the bloggers want to know which theme you’re using to get indexed fast.If you’re using a special plugin to get indexed fast and doesn’t want to tell to your competitors, then you can install Hide my Wp plugin.

3.Minify HTML

Minify HTML feature of this plugin, remove unwanted script and tags from your WordPress site which secure your site, also fasten your site and increase page loading speed.
You’ll not needed to use any other WordPress plugin to minify HTML of your WordPress site.

4.Changes the Login URL

Hide My WP changes the login URL which is impossible to find the login URL of your WordPress site by any intruders and hackers.
You can save the URL whenever you want and you have to use the new login URL to login into your WordPress site.
Hide my WP changes your URL




You can change 1234 with your own numerics numbers by open the admin panel of Hide my WP.

Admin Panel of Hide My WP

We’re now showing you the Admin panel of the Hide MY WP plugin.


Start is the first option of the Hide my WP plugin, which have many options to use for your site.

A.Purchase Code

You have to enter the purchase code in the box to make sure plugin works perfectly without any bug.

B.Import Options

In this option you have to select the which scheme of the security you want to use I recommend “Medium Privacy”.

Hide My WP

2.General Settings

In general setting you can customize the settings for this plugin.

3.permalinks & URL

Permalinks & URLs option gives you full control on the URL and paths of the different option.Yo can enable or disable the author URL where visitors can see the post is written by a specific author.

Hide My WP


Final Words

You just read about Hide My WP WordPress plugin here, hide my Wp secure your WordPress site from attackers to you should install this plugin on your WordPress blog.



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