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5 Best Social Proof Plugin For WordPress Website

Selling a product online was neither easy nor is it now, but only one thing has changed so far is customers and their mindset. At the beginning of the “Online Shopping Era,” it was tough to find out the customers who are able to shop online and it was due to lack of awareness about online shopping.

But now it is tough to sell your product to customers due to high competition. Almost every seller is now using an online platform to increase their sales by using FOMO marketing.

FOMO marketing is able to manipulate the will of the buyers by using psychological tactics.

FOMO means “Fear of Missing Out” which creates a feeling of anxiety in visitors which helps to increase the chances of selling a product. We all have a fear that if our favorite thing gets out-of-stock, then FOMO technology creates deception in the minds of visitors about the unavailability of the product so that they can be responsive to online purchases.

Social proof plugins may be very helpful to convert visitors into customers by encouraging them to buy products from your website. Using social proof plugin doesn’t mean you’re cheating customers unless you’re actually doing anything wrong with the customers.

It is now using by many of the major websites to telling their customers about recent action of others online users for e.g. “Lucy Just added this item in her cart” or “Henry just saved this item”.These kinds of notification encourage visitors to purchase products online.

5 Best social proof plugin For WordPress

So now if you want to integrate FOMO technique on your website which is build on WordPress platform, then you can do it by using Social proof plugins. In this post, we’ve arranged the best social proof plugin for WordPress website so that anyone can add implement FOMO marketing strategy on their website.

1.WP Real-Time Social-Proof

WP Real-Time Social-Proof is a free plugin, it can be used to implement Social proof functionality on your WordPress website. You can use this plugin for WooCommerce websites, Easy Digital Downloads or webinars, and subscriptions.WP Real-Time Social-Proof plugins show popups to other visitors of recent sales on the bottom of the page and try to create fear of missing out.

It is a lightweight plugin, so it loads fast and will not affect the page loading speed of the website and has a mobile-optimized layout to look equally good to both computer and mobile visitors.

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2.Proof Factor

The proof factor is another free plugin which lets you add social proof notification on your WooCommerce website. It shows recent orders and purchases to other visitors and compels them to purchase products from your website.

Similar to “WP Real-Time Social-Proof” plugin, the proof factor is a mobile-ready plugin and also a lightweight plugin which doesn’t affect site performance and page speed. You can customize the notification and can set any position according to your need. You can also hide the proof factor for the specific pages which doesn’t show notification on any specific page.

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Proven is an easy to use WordPress plugin which converts your website visitors into the buyers by showing the social proof of the recent sales, orders and newsletter signups. Proven is a premium tool which is suitable for the major websites and sellers.

With its high customization feature, you can customize it according to your need. Setting up this plugin is easy and you can change color theme, shapes and positions to match with the look of your website.

You can control the visibility of the social proof notification for example to the new visitors, logged in users, only visitors to certain pages, and more. Using proven plugin, you can create fake sales notification manually to show them to the visitors.

You can see the tutorial on “How to use Proven Social Proof plugin

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Provely is another premium WordPress plugin which boosts conversion by adding social proof notification on your WordPress website. It shows leads and recent sales in real time to encourage visitors to go to the product page and purchase it.Provely also shows the recent sign-up on your website.

With this tool, you have full authority to customize it according to the color scheme of your website to integrate with the website layout. You can customize its widget design by choosing from its library, its color, and location of the pop-up social proof widget.

The basic plan starts from $97 for 1 year for a single domain, $147 for 1 year in which you can add it on up to 5 domains and $197 for 1 year for unlimited domains.

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Woobought is a perfect WordPress plugin to create sales notification on your website. This plugin is free to use and offers some good features. Woobought, let your visitors know about recent sales by creating a non-intrusive sales notification. Similar to all other plugins of this list, it is a lightweight plugin which doesn’t make your website loading slow.

You can manually write and edit the message which will appear on visitors screen plus you can customize the notification, change the background color and much more. The layout of this plugin is designed to support mobile devices.

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Final Words

So, these were the 5 hand-picked social proof WordPress plugin which can increase the sales on your website. Some of them are premium and some of them are free plugins. You can choose any one of them according to your need.

Let us know in the comment section if you’ve more these kinds of plugins which deserve to be in this list.

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