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Best WordPress Management Plugins for Single Dashboard Control

WordPress is one of the most used tools to build websites and blogs, website developers love to build websites for clients using WordPress, only because it is easy to manage, but what if you have to manage multiple sites?

Today in this article, we’re going to share the WordPress Management plugins that allow managing multiple websites using a single dashboard.


Main WP is an affordable and one of the best WordPress management plugins, that helps to manage multiple websites at a single dashboard. Users can download this plugin for free and it also provides its premium subscription to give more power to the users. With Main WP, there is no limit to adding WordPress Website, users can add unlimited sites on the Main WP dashboard.

Its Free version offers features that include, Scan for security issues, Organize sites in groups, Keep notes for sites, Export/Import sites, and much more.

In case of the additional requirements, you can go for its premium option with MainWP Pro in which users will get all the additional premium extensions and all future extensions. Premium Extensions includes Clone, Code Snippets, Pro Reports, and much more.

2.Manage WP

Like Main WP, Manage WP is a great plugin to go with for Manage multiple WordPress websites in fewer efforts. This plugin has many features to offer to the free users as well as premium users, users can manage unlimited websites with a free version, monthly cloud backup is open for all, performance check, security check, analytics, code snippets, and much more.

In a free subscription, users will get a free Vulnerability check that brings you real-time information about what plugins are vulnerable so you can act accordingly.

Premium extensions are also available just like Main WP, you can purchase a single extension for a single website or also can purchase in the bundle for all the websites. The prices of the premium extensions are as low as $1 for a single website.

3.Infinite WP

Infinite WP is a partially free plugin, but not completely free for everything. Infinite WP offers multiple features to the users including, Security, Safe browsing, Code Snippets, broken link checker, etc. From all the features some are available with free subscriptions and most of the features only come with the paid option.

The drawback of this plugin is that it doesn’t provide an unlimited website to manage in the beginners plan unlike many other plugins such as Main WP and Manager WP.

Infinite WP is a popular WordPress Management Plugin that provides a single dashboard for multiple websites. No matter you’re an individual or an agency, this plugin will take all the pain related to WordPress management.

4.WP Remote

WP remote is another WordPress management Plugin that can perform all the work from creating to launching a WordPress client website. WP remote tool offers plenty of features such as one-click update everything, Security from the online threats, cloud backups and restoration option, and many more.

This tool has a few drawbacks one of them is, it won’t provide any option to use it on unlimited websites. Users can maximum purchase the plan of 100 websites.

WP Remote makes it easy to collaborate between teams and clients and also offers a detailed client report. WP Remote’s premium subscription is available for a starting price of $49 monthly.

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