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10 Best WordPress Support Ticket Plugins

A business can’t run successfully without customer satisfaction and a company cannot satisfy a customer without solving the issues facing by the customers.A great and easy customer support system is essential for the growth of any business.Customers always want a good support team whenever they face any issue regarding any services or product.

Support team leads to the success of a business and increases the trust level of a business in the customers mind.For a great support system, a great WordPress plugin is needed for your WordPress powered website.

It’s like an extra service which is provided by the company to increase the customer’s motivation.The easiest way to interact with support team by customers is issuing the Support tickets which helps to contact with customer support team easily and also helps to explain the problem regarding products in a good-manner.

If you’re the owner of the website which offer premium service or product then you should provide a good and work method to interact with customers and all you need is a WordPress plugin which enable the “Support Ticket System” on your website.

Recommended Plugins

Honestly, all these plugins are better than any other plugin which are available on the internet, but everyone have its own negative point.As I told you that these are 10 giants plugin for adding customer support system on your business website, but we all know that it’s impossible to use all these plugins.You have to choose any single plugin which work  best for your website.

I personally recommended SupportEzzy Ticket System¹ and Responsive Ticket System³, these both plugins are better than remaining 8 plugins.

Best WordPress Support Ticket Plugins

We arrange the list of the Best WordPress Support Ticket Plugins which enable the “Customer Support Ticket System” in few minutes on your WordPress blog.Many of them are premium because when you offer something good to your customers then you should focusing on the quality and free plugin may spoil the quality of your website or services.

1.SupportEzzy Ticket System

SupportEzzy Ticket System is a premium plugin which is available on the has many features which make your website more customer friendly and it is very easy to use Support ticket system so new users can easily create new ticket regarding any issue with products and services.

As is consider that it is a premium plugin so it has an elegant and clean designed layout which always match with your website layout.You just need to have simply installed this plugin and it will be ready for use in few minutes.It is a front ended plugin and your customers can create tickets from front-end.


2.Pressapps Ticket Support

Press apps is an another trusted plugin which is ready to enable the support ticket system on your website for just $30.It is a professional plugin which is used by many professional websites.It has many option and features which make this plugin better than most of the Ticket support plugin and that is why it is more costly than any other.

Press apps ticket support WordPress plugin is built with clean coding which allow users to change the little things according to their need.It has custom email templates and Drag & Drop File Upload.


3.Responsive Ticket System

Responsive Ticket System is one of the most used plugins for customer ticket System on Codecanyon.Responsive Ticket System is also a trusted plugin which install a good and professional customer service.It has a clean layout which always match with your website layout.

Responsive ticket system shows the tickets status without open the ticket like replied, resolve, pending or closed.There is no doubt that it has the responsive design so users can create tickets from any device.


4.Support System by WPMU dev

WPMU dev is one of the major WordPress plugin developers and this plugin is also provided by WPMU dev.Support System is a great plugin which make your customer services to the next level.It allows you to create FAQ for your customers so they can find the answer of any common issues and also allows users to create tickets from front-end.

It also has a clean layout and Hassle-free Ticketing System which can be used by any new user.One thing which I don’t like in this plugin is users have to pay monthly fees to WPMU dev, yes this plugin is not one-time pay type like other plugins and this is the only thing which changes the mind of website owners.

Key Features

5.MoonLight Ticket System

The last Premium plugin of this list is MoonLight ticket system.It has low sales report only 21 sales.Moonlight ticket system has all the features which are also available in remain four premium plugins but still doesn’t getting many customers attention because of its layout.The layout is very clean and responsive, but it’s layout have bigger text boxes, large buttons and status batches which spoil the website layout.

MoonLight Ticket System’s layout hardly match with any website’s layout and this is the reason buyers doesn’t look to buy this plugin.If you can customize the codes according to your need then this plugin has many themes and templates so you can change colors, designs, and other things.

MoonLight Ticket System is an SEO optimized plugin which helps to get find on the search engines easily.

Key Features

6.Awesome Support

The most used the free plugin for adding the Customer support system in a WordPress blog.Awesome support is a free plugin which enable the Ticket system on your WordPress site so your users can create the ticket from the front- end.

It is a hassle free ticket system plugin which is easy to install and easy to use.It has the responsive design like Some of the major plugins which available on the also notified you by sending emails whenever a new ticket is created.

Key Features

7.ClickDesk Live Support

ClickDesk Live Support is a wonderful support plugin for any WordPress blog.It is a combo of live chat, help desk, voice and video chat and social toolbar which enhance the customer service on your blog.It has a clean layout with great features which rarely to find in any other plugin.

Your customers can live chat with customer care representatives, video chat and audio chat for free.Users can also create tickets so support team resolve the problem as fast as possible.

Key Features

8.WP Support Plus

WP Support Plus is an another popular plugin for adding a good ticket support system so customers can interact with customer care representatives whenever they got stuck in any issue related to product or service.WP support plus has the responsive layout which works great in any device like mobiles, tabs, and others.

WP support plus has a beautiful and clean design which match with most WordPress themes.It has many features which make this plugin very popular.

Key Features

9.JS Support Ticket

JS Support Ticket is a trusted open source ticket system.It is a free plugin which has more than 1,000 active installs which are quite good.JS support ticket system is very easy to use and has many features.This plugin comes in two version free and pro, you can use it as the free plugin and also can purchase its premium version.

It allows customers to create tickets from front-end and admin and agents can also create tickets on the behalf of customers.

Key Features

10.Sola Support Tickets

Sola support tickets are the last plugin of this list, it also available in directory for free.This plugin comes with basic features for free, but if you want to use its other features then users have to purchase its add-on.

This plugin is different from other because all the important features don’t include in the free subscription.Users must have to purchase its add-on to make this plugin completely helpful.

Key Features

Final Words

Finally, we end this post of 10 Best WordPress Support Ticket Plugins.I hope you guys like this post and you find Top 10 Best WordPress Support Ticket Plugins which you want.As I recommended SupportEzzy Ticket System¹ and Responsive Ticket System³, these plugins are better than any other plugin.

If you have any problem with this post and its content then you can directly content with us via our contact us page.

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