Top 10 Content Locker WordPress Plugins

Content Locker WordPress PluginsContent locker WordPress plugins are very effective when it comes to the user engagement.These type of Content locker WordPress plugins locked or hide your content like links, videos and textual content from the visitors.Hidden content hide from content locker WordPress plugins can only be seen after the users support you with pre-set actions, for example, subscribe to your Email list, follow on any social network or social sharing.

As I told you that these type content locker plugins increase the user engagement effectively, we have to create a list of 10 best content locker WordPress plugins so you can get more from your content.Whenever you create a good content peoples come to your website and get it for free and you don’t get too much benefit, but with Content locker plugin you can ask for following, like share or subscriber from visitors before they get content.

10 Best Content Locker WordPress Plugins

We have selected the 10 best Content Locker plugins, some of them are free and some of them are paid.You can choose any plugin according to your need, plugins quality and affordability.

Bloom Plugin

Honestly, if you want to lock your content behind the email subscription box then bloom plugin is the best option for you.Bloom plugin is a premium plugin which is available on the elegant themes.It has many features like email opt-in’s many places to add an email opt-in forms.

It has a great layout which lightweight dynamic designed subscribers box.This plugin can lock your content and can be unlocked only after visitors enter their email address and name to subscribe to your website email list.

Bloom can be downloaded after you create an account which is priced $89 per year and in $89 per year you can access all the plugins and email available on the elegant themes.

Content Locker WordPress Plugins

Opt-In Content Locker

Opt-in content locker similar to the bloom plugin, it also allows website owners to locked content behind the email subscription box.Installation of this plugin is very easy,  you just have to use shortcodes, copy and paste the content between shortcode which you want to lock.

After the installation, it starts showing that content is locked and only available for the subscribers.Opt-in content locker supports a number of email service providers such as MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, iContact, Campaign Monitor, Mad Mimi, Benchmark, Sendy and MyMail.


  • Remember subscribed visitors
  • Regular locker mode
  • MailChimp supported
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Caching plugins friendly
  • AWeber supported
  • CSV Export
  • Accept shortcodes

Content Locker WordPress Plugins

Easy Social Locker

Easy Social Locker is an another premium plugin of this list which is specially build to lock content behind the social share and social follow widget.It is a plugin which can lock your content and only can be seen when the visitor like, tweet, share or follow to your blog on social media.

It a lightweight plugin which doesn’t affect your website’s page loading speed.Easy Social Locker also supports the shortcodes so you can lock the specific part of any content like video, links and another type of data.You can also lock all the articles or posts of a specific category.


  • Automatic blog category lock
  • Hiding like counter
  • Generate unique URL addresses for like and share
  • Ready made function
  • Short-code enabled
  • SEO friendly
  • W3 Total Cache compatible
  • Usage statistics

Content Locker WordPress Plugins

Viral WordPress Locker (Strongly Recommended)

Viral WordPress locker is a pro plugin similar to the easy social locker which allows you to lock your content for humans.It has a great feature which is hard to find in other plugins, this plugin doesn’t lock content for search engines and crawler bots so your article page can easily index by search bots and you get more visitors.

Viral WordPress locker lock your content only for human to get more likes and shares on your blog’s social network page.It a cheap and affordable plugin which is available only in $11 which is the cost of few candies and chocolate.

Content Locker WordPress Plugins

OnePress Social Locker

OnePress social locker is a free and high-quality WordPress plugin to lock your content behind the social share and follow widget.With its free version you can only add three social buttons on your website page, if you want more social buttons then you have to purchase the premium version of this plugin.

OnePress social locker also has the feature  to visible the textual or other content for search bots for better SEO and hidden for the humans.These types of feature generally provided by the premium plugin.

Content Locker WordPress Plugins

Real Content Locker

Real content locker is an another free content locker plugin.It is a simple yet good plugin for those who can’t afford a premium plugin.It shows the analytics of the social followers and share.Real content locker is light weight plugin so your website page loading speed won’t affect.It claims that with the real content locker you see 300% rise in your website traffic.

Content Locker WordPress Plugins

InstaLocker Shortcode

This is a unique plugin which has less demand, but for some people, it is an important plugin.You have seen many plugins which allow adding twitter, Facebook and Google plus, but with this plugin, you can social locker button of Instagram so users can follow you on Instagram to unlock the content.

Content Locker WordPress Plugins

Facebook Content Locker

Facebook Content Locker gives the ability to lock the content of any page or post in your website and makes it visible only if the user clicks the Facebook Like button. The plugin is able to remember automatically who clicked the Like button and who didn’t, so don’t worry about that.

You can apply the content locker on all the pages, all the posts, or only some selected pages, you can also create unlimited numbers of content lockers which are all independent.

Content Locker WordPress Plugins

Twitter Content Locker

Twitter Content Locker plugin is a good solution for website promotion via Twitter. With this plugin, you can hide part of your content (for example, images, download links, passwords or other important information) from users. Users must share your page on Twitter to view hidden content.

Final Words

In the ending of this post on Top 10 Content Locker WordPress Plugins, we hope that you loved this post.Content lockers have some advantages and some disadvantages, content locker helps to build social engagement this is the advantage of the content locker and just because of content locker your website may affect from high bounce rate.

Apart from this, I personally recommended Viral WordPress Locker because this is a premium plugin comes with great feature and you don’t have to pay the huge amount.Viral WordPress Locker is available only in $11 which is more affordable for anyone.

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