Create Responsive WordPress website with WPtouch Plugin

Create Responsive WordPress websiteIn this tutorial post our team going to teach you that how to create mobile responsive WordPress website using WP touch WordPress plugin.It is also a tutorial on How to setup and use WP touch Mobile friendly WordPress plugin.Before the start, you need to have a basic knowledge of responsiveness of a site layout. There are many ways which can make your WordPress website mobile friendly (Mobile responsive) and using WP touch plugin is the easiest way to make a responsive layout or mobile friendly website.

What Is Mobile Friendly Websites?

This question is asked by many new WordPress designer or new website owners.Mobile friendly layout(Responsive layout) increases the chances of getting more visitors from mobile devices because they’ll get a good experience of  the responsive website in any device and mobile friendly website also load fast so users can browse a website with slow internet.Mobile friendly website are also important for Seo of a website because google and bing rolled out an update in which consider that only mobile friendly website will get mobile traffic and that is why it is recommended to create every website responsive. Mobile friendly website are also important for Seo of a website because google and bing rolled out an update in which consider that only mobile friendly website will get mobile traffic and that is why it is recommended to create every website responsive.

How to Setup WPTouch WordPress Plugin

Before beginning to configure WPtouch WordPress plugin, you have to install the WPtouch plugin from WordPress dashboard.Installing WPtouch is same as installing a plugin.After you install the WPtouch plugin, you’ll find the WPtouch plugin dashboard link in the left menu panel on WP dashboard.By clicking on the link, you’ll make changes to the WPTouch plugin. After you install the WPtouch plugin, you’ll find the WPtouch plugin dashboard link in the left menu panel on WP dashboard.By clicking the link, you’ll make changes to the WPTouch plugin.Create Responsive WordPress website Now you can see the list of different setting options which is to configure step by step unless you’ll forget what has been done.Create Responsive WordPress website

Step 1.Configure General Settings

The first step is to configure general settings which included many basic but essential setting options. 1.1.MOBILE SITE TITLE – Enter your website or blog title in the box so visitors can see the name or title of your website. For example – “How to plugin”Create Responsive WordPress website 1.2.DISPLAY – Enable or Disable the displaying the WPtouch layout for the mobile visitors.I recommend you to disable the option until you finish all the configure of Wp touch plugin.Create Responsive WordPress website   1.3.LANDING PAGES – Set the default page for mobile visitors when they visit your website through “”.In this setting, you have to set the home page which your mobile visitors see the first.It has different page options see the screenshot.Create Responsive WordPress website 1.4.PAGE ZOOM – With this option you can allow and disallow page zooming on your mobile layout.This option if fully depend upon you that you want your visitors to zoom page or not.Create Responsive WordPress website 1.5.WPTOUCH LOVE – This option is all about Show powered by WPtouch link in theme footer.It’s like telling you visitors that you just enable the mobile layout using WP touch plugin.It’s a good thing that you’re giving something in the return to the developers of Wptouch. 1.6.LANGUAGE – If you want to show everything related to the theme in any specific language then choose the language or select auto-detect.Create Responsive WordPress website

Step 2.Select Mobile Device

The Second step is to choose the mobile device and browser for you want to enable the WPtouch mobile layout. 2.1.MOBILE DEVICES & BROWSERS – In this option, you can select the browser and IOS based phones on where you want to enable the default website layout.I recommend you to enable all browsers and devices so all mobile users will get the same and good experience of your mobile friendly layout.Create Responsive WordPress website

Step 3.Menu Settings

The third and very important step is setup up the menu navigation.It helps visitors to navigate your website easily. 3.1.MENU SETUP – In this option you have to select the navigation bar which will show in the mobile layout of your website as the default menu bar.First create a special navigation bar in that case when you want to show any different link to mobile users, then save the menu and select the menu location from the below of the menu. Menu Generating link – Responsive WordPress website

Step 4.Theme Settings

Fourth step is to configure the theme in which included that how you site will looking, like site logo, color, and typography etc. 4.1.HEADER – In this option, you can select the logo of your website which will show in the header section of your blog.Create Responsive WordPress website4.2.THEME COLORS – This 4th step is all about setting up your website theme, and theme colors option is included theme background color, header & menu color, links color and post and page headers color.Create Responsive WordPress website4.3.TYPOGRAPHY – This option is all about the text style of your content and theme like text main content. menu text style and other.Create Responsive WordPress website4.4.FEATURED SLIDER – In this option, you can enable and disable the showing the image and post slider.It’s not necessary to enable the feature slide, but its look good and beautiful when you enable the slider.Create Responsive WordPress website4.5.BLOG – This option will use to customize the blog posts setting such as post thumbnails, enable or disable post categories, tags, post date and author etc.Create Responsive WordPress websiteIt has other two option social sharing and social media links in which you have to select the location and theme color of social sharing buttons and in the social media section enter your website’s official social network links.

The second method

Second method is very easy you just have to buy a responsive WordPress theme from the ThemeForest, after installation and setting up premium responsive theme your website starts looking great also in mobile and other devices, but the second method will completely change your existing website layout and you have to choose the perfect WP theme for your website. Direct Link of Themeforest WordPress templates

Final Words

You just read a tutorial on how to create a responsive WordPress website or we can say that how to setup WPtouch WordPress plugin.I consider two different methods of creating a mobile friendly website and both methods are unique and great.If you want to create If you want to create a mobile friendly design without loosing your existing website layout then you should follow the first method, but if changing existing layout of your website is not affect your website then you can follow the second method.

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  1. I have a client website which is coded in php and it is not responsive. Is there any way I can move the site on WordPress platform and use this plugin to make it responsive.

    You early reply will be highly appreciated

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