How to Disable Blog Features in WordPress to Make your Website more Professional

Do you hate blog features in your Website which is build on WordPress platform?If yes, then there is a good news.You can easily disable blog features in WordPress which make your website more professional.No doubt that WordPress is the best blogging platform and many major brands use WordPress, but some websites really don’t need a blog.

We all know that you can also build beautiful websites using WordPress platform, but some WordPress features make your website look blogs more than a website like comments, post and others, but there are some plugins which you can use to hide or disable all the blogging features.

Today in this article you’ll read how to how to disable blog features in WordPress to make your website more professional.Disable Blogging hides a number of features including:-

  1. Posts, Comments, and items related to blogging from the admin menus.
  2. Blog Widgets.
  3. Pingbacks, Trackbacks, and XML-RPC header links.
  4. Howdy & help tabs.

Why Disable Blog Features in WordPress?

Some websites really don’t need a blog, WordPress is completely capable of building websites without using any blogging features at all.If you are building a website for a client that has never used WordPress before, then this could be confusing for them.

The good thing is that you can disable blog features in WordPress by using the WordPress plugin on your website.Today, in this article we are going to share two WordPress plugin which can disable blog features in WordPress.

Disable Blog Features in WordPress

The plugins which we are going to share with you doesn’t delete any component of your WordPress website, they simply hide them.If you had posts and comments, they will become available again when you deactivate the plugin.

1.Disable Blogging in WordPress (Plugin)

Disable Blogging is a plugin that disables all blog related functionalities (posts, comments, feeds, etc.) on the front-end and back-end.It will turn WordPress into a non-blogging CMS platform and lets you use WordPress as a website builder.Disable Blogging includes 20+ additional features to disable and hide cumbersome functions that run on WordPress including.

  1. Disable Author pages
  2. Disable feeds, pingbacks, trackbacks.
  3. Remove Screen Options.
  4. Remove the admin bar greeting.
  5. Remove query strings from CSS & JS files.
  6. Remove extra code from the header for emoji support.
  7. Simplify user profile.

Disable Blog Features in WordPress

2.Disable Blog (Plugin)

This plugin can disable the blog functionality in your WordPress website.With this plugin, you can turn WordPress into a blog-free CMS.This plugin hides the admin pages, settings and redirecting pages on both the front-end and admin side. The plugin also supports custom post types and custom taxonomies.

Disable Blog Features in WordPress

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