How to Fix the HTTP image upload issue in WordPress

Did you face the same problem like others in which when you upload images to the WordPress, it won’t upload successfully and ended up breaking up the image?You’re not the only one to face this image issue error in WordPress.We have created this tutorial “Fix the HTTP Image Upload issue in WordPress” for the users of WordPress who are facing the same problem.

This error appears after the image is struggling to upload for a while. Sometimes, the image is uploaded even if the error appears. Most of the time it’s the image’s size (height and width) that causes this, so trying to upload big images could trigger the issue.

Fix the HTTP image upload issue in WordPress

This may appear then there could be an issue with the file permissions assigned to your Uploads directory.In this tutorial, we’ll go to show you how to fix the HTTP image upload issue in WordPress.

Change the file permission is not that simple, there must be something that caused this change in your site’s directory permissions.It may that your site has been hacked or there has been a hack attempt.Upgraded the server or system by hosting providers is one of the main reason.

So, to Fix the HTTP image upload issue in WordPress you have to set the file permissions by accessing your WordPress core files.You can do it by using any FTP client like we’re using the FileZilla.

In the first step, you have to open the FileZilla and go to the /wp-content/ directory.

Fix the HTTP image upload issue

In this directory, you will find the Uploads folder. To change the file permissions, go ahead and right click on the Uploads folder. Then select File Permissions.

Fix the HTTP image upload issue

You will see a new dialog box with multiple checkboxes. In the Numeric Value field, set 744 as the value.

You should also check the box next to “Recurse into subdirectories” and select the “Apply to directories only” radio button. Then press the OK button.

Note: If setting the directory permissions to 744 doesn’t seem to fix the issue, then try 755.

Fix the HTTP image upload issue

Once this done, you’ll need to set the permissions for all the individual files in the Uploads directory.

Now right click on the Upload folder once again and select the File Permissions. In the Numeric value field, set the value as 644.

Check mark the Recurse into subdirectories option and select “Apply to files only radio button”.

Fix the HTTP image upload issue

Once all the permission is set, you should be able to upload images to WordPress without a problem!

If your file permission has numeric value of “777” then this could be risky for your website.To know more why numeric value 777 is risky for your website here.

We hope that this tutorial helped you fix the HTTP image upload issue in WordPress.If you need more article related to WordPress tips or other simply click here.


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