How to Resolve WordPress Duplicate Content Issue

WordPress Duplicate Content IssueWe have been talking about that WordPress is Seo optimized, but it is not completely SEO optimized.Many bloggers facing the WordPress duplicate content issue and Google’s algorithm updates and penalty have caused a lot of panic to the bloggers.Today we’re going to teach you to step -by-step that how you can resolve WordPress Duplicate content issue.

It is very important to fix WordPress Duplicate Content Issue.Duplicate content affects your search engine ranking because Google bot blocks the link or website which is suffered from the duplicate content issue and it make more difficult to get in the search result when you are using WordPress content management system.

What is WordPress duplicate content issue?

Most of the people confuse about what exactly is WordPress duplicate content?Whenever you posted the new article on your website and it already exists on the internet on another link.In simple words, content which can be accessed by two or more URL , this could be within your blog or also on another blog where your published article is copy paste.

  • (External website)

As we know that, it is very confusing when the same content is present on different URL, it make very hard for the Search bot to show the URL of the article.Search bot can’t decide the exact URL which should be shown in the search result.

5 Ways to Fix Duplicate Content Issue

Here is the most common reason which affects your WordPress blog from duplicate content and also has the solution on how to fix duplicate content.

1.Replytocom” Parameter in Links

This is one of the most common issues with WordPress. In the posts where you have a lot of comments, each comment is assigned a link with comment ID number, and when bots access these URL’s, they find the same content on each of such URL’s.

After seeing many URLs which contains same content Search bot got confused and they don’t know which version(s) to rank for query results and, in the end, all the link goes to spam.Reply to com links automatically generates when any blogger allow the reply to the comments.


To remove replytocom search result from the Google search, go to the and search for “ IN URL:replytocom”.If your blog has replytocom links then you can see in the search result.

Now go to the Webmaster tool and disallow all the replytocom link from Google webmasters disallow tool.You can read here the full tutorial on how to remove Replytocom links.

2.Prevent from Content Theft

You know when you have a good content on your blog then other copycats target your blog steal your original content and paste it on their blogs.There are many peoples around the world who can steal your work and become successful with your articles.

Now this becomes the very common issue and to resolve this problem you can register the complaint against copyright violation to Google, but before this, you have to find the copycats.


This plugin will help to find the blogs where your content is copied.You can also use and

Here are the Top 10 Duplicate Copy content finder tools which are written on the

3.No index Tags and Categories

Tags and Categories are one of the main reason which can create the duplicate content issue on your blog.Tags and categories create new pages which contain first paragraph of your blog post which make duplicate content and according to the search bot this is the duplicate content.

To resolve this issue you can use Yoast SEO plugin to no index all the tags and categories.After no index tags and category, Search bot start ignores URL generated from tags and categories.


  • Go to the Yoast SEO plugin’s dashboard>>Taxanomies.
  • Select No-Index for Tags and Categories and you done.

You can also use Robot Meta plugin to No-index categories and tags.

WordPress Duplicate Content Issue

4.Image Attachment Link

This is the another issue which looks small but affects your website from the duplicate content issue.At the time of publishing posts we attach the image to the posts, it adds images as attachment URL, and when Reader click on the image, it will be taken to image attachment page.


You can use a plugin which redirects the image attachment URL’s to parent post URL.This solution will take care of the image attachment link on your blog.

For the future, you can select the image URL to None.

WordPress Duplicate Content Issue

5.No Index Author/Archives

Similar to the Tags and categories, Author and archives also generate extra pages which contain the first paragraph of the blog posts, which affect blog from the duplicate content issue.

To resolve this issue you can use Yoast SEO plugin to no index all the Author and archives .After no index Author and archives Search bot start to ignore URL generated from tags and categories.


  • Go to the Yoast SEO plugin’s dashboard>>Archives.
  • Select No-Index for Author and archives and you were done.

WordPress Duplicate Content Issue

Final Words

Hopefully, you just fix WordPress Duplicate Content Issue, this is very important to resolve the duplicate content issue because it directly affects your website organic traffic.We have written these 5 Ways to Fix Duplicate Content and these methods will definitely help you to fix duplicate content issue on your WordPress website.

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