How to Create 125 X 125 Ad Space in WordPress Sidebar

How to Create 125 X 125 Ad Space in WordPress SidebarI read many queries on How to Create 125 X 125 Ad Space in WordPress Sidebar and How to sell 125*125 ads directly on my blog, so I decide to share a tutorial on How to Create 125 X 125 Ad Space in WordPress Sidebar.Monetization of a blog is very important if you’re a pro blogger and selling ads directly on your blog is fabulous method of monetize your blog.

Selling of ads spaces is good, but every space can’t be sold only of single size like 250×250.This is the large size of ads and every advertiser doesn’t want to purchase large dimension of Ads spaces, so you have to give them few options to select ads spaces.

Creating 125×125 gives you the power to sell more ads spaces on your blog.Do you know the advantages of small size ads?

Advantages of Small Size Ads

The best advantages of Small size ads are below read them:

  • Small ads give another option to the advertiser to choose small ads or large ads.
  • Small ads can easily sell to advertisers in less time.
  • Small ads covered less space in the sidebar.
  • Four ads of 125X125 cover the space of 250X250.

Disadvantages of using Simple photo code in sidebar

Anyone can place ads with a simple code of HTML in the right sidebar, but you have to remove manually ads after the date of expires.

Rotating of ads is impossible if you don’t know advanced coding, but with WordPress plugins you can easily set the date of removing or disable the ads on a specific ad space and enable the feature of rotating ads.

WordPress plugin to create 125 X 125 Ad Space

We are categorized plugins into two different category first one is images uploading plugins which helps to sell ads directly by adding images and link and other one is place ads via scripts.

Images ADs or Banner Ads

1.Wp 125

Wp125 is the best WordPress plugin to sell small size of banner ads.Wp 125 allowed you to show 125×125 size ads in the right, left or in the both sidebars.With WP 125 users can set specific time period in day to run ads and after the date ads will automatically be taken down.

Another feature of WP 125 is you can track click on the banner ads which helps to show number of click to your advertiser if you are going to get paid in per clicks.WP125 doesn’t allow you to upload images directly from the widgets.You have to upload images in WordPress media and copy paste the URL of images.

2.WPX Affiliate Manager

WPX Affiliate Manager, another plugin to sell ads of 125X125 size ads or 125×125 size affiliate banners in the sidebar of WordPress blog.

WPX affiliate manager is the simple WordPres plugin which is easy to setup and easy to use.With WPX affiliate manager you can upload images directly from the widget pages.


MyADmanager WordPress plugin not only helps to insert ads pf 125×125 size, but also allow to sell ads directly by enables the payment option via PayPal.

My Ad manager accepts payments via Paypal, so you can sell ads without any third party.It has another feature of automatically activation and deactivation of ads.ADs will start showing after the receiving of payments.

Place ads Via Script Buysellads, Beacon ADs

1.BuySellAds WordPress Plugin

BuySellAds official WordPress plugin allows you to place small size ads on your WordPress blog sidebar.Finding a plugin to place script ads of buysellads in the sidebar is very tough so using its official WordPress plugin is Good.

Buysellads official plugin is compatible with beacon ads also.It is very easy to setup this plugin you can read tutorials on Buysellads official blog post here

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