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How To Create Websites Like Quora: WordPress Themes Like Quora

Quora and Reddit are the two most visited websites among every age of the person, and both of them are a great source of knowledge and get your queries resolved.

On Quora you can find experts and experienced people from around the world, no matter you want to ask questions about life, career, spiritual and others, you’ll get answers directly from the experts.

In this post, we’re going to share the best WordPress themes like Quora, which will enable you to create a website like Quora.

Best WordPress Themes Like Quora

If you’re looking for how to create a website like Quora, then you are at the right place. Creating a website like Quora using WordPress CMS, you need to find Quora Like WordPress themes and plugins for the functionality of the asking questions.

In this post, we’re sharing the best Quora like WordPress themes which are handpicked and designed for the forums and websites.


QAEngine WordPress Theme is a simply designed template for Question and Answer website, it offers various features that can add more functionality to the website Intuitive Poll Question, Best answer check mark, users batch, and point system.

QAEngine is a premium WordPress theme, onetime payment is $89, in this theme, Question can be categories in a specific category or tag and users can filter to see questions and choose the most valuable answers to them by looking at votes and the “best answer” mark.

It let you set permissions for voting, leaving comments, editing questions & answers, or even approving answers for each point level just like Wikipedia.

You can read the QAengine Template Review here.

2.Ask Me

Ask Me is another Quora Like WordPress theme that can be used to create a website like Quora. It comes with different pre-built home page options to go with and has multiple features packed which offer a great experience to the visitors.

With a simple yet effective layout, this theme is a perfect solution for the website designed for Asking Questions and answers, forums, and community websites. Users can add Text, URL, Images, and other details while asking questions. It also has options to select the best answer, badges & points, like and dislike just like Quora. It displays the number of views and count for which no additional plugin is needed.

Creating a poll is easy using Ask Me WordPress theme, and allows users to navigate their private messages, polls, questions asked and answers, following and followers, and much more. Ask me is a premium theme that Is available on

3.Instant Q&A

Instant Q&A WordPress is a simple yet powerful solution, it has a clean layout with multiple features that’s let you create a Question and Answer website similar to Quora. It has a custom login and Signup page for the users to create their account before posting any question and answer.

It also has 3 custom color schemes and banner ads monetization which enable to earn money from advertisements. Its popular Question section which includes top answered questions in the last 30 days and the Star rating system in which members earn points for asking and answering question feature make this theme a modern website template.


Answers is another beautifully designed WordPress theme that can be used to create a website similar to Quora, yahoo answers, and stack overflow. This powerful Q&A theme comes with loads of features and it’s super-easy to install and setup. Once you activate Answers, clicking one button will make your website to like the demo. Starting your own Question and Answers portal has truly never been easier.

It has an option of voting for the most appropriate answer and has the option to monetize by enabling the paid option for asking questions. This template lets you translate the questions and answer in any language.

Final Words

In this post, we’ve shared WordPress themes and templates which can be used to create a website similar to Quora, these themes are premium and provide the functionality which many free themes do not provide.

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