Beginners Guide To Speed Up WordPress Website

Speed Up WordPress WebsiteIt is essential to speed up WordPress website because slow loading website will kill your chance to get more traffic from the Internet.Yes, this is true, the slow website always neglected by visitors and users and that is why google bot is giving attention to the fast loading websites.Website speed directly related with your SEO which will impact on many visitors you get.

Most new website developers love to build a beautiful layout of a website without checking the speed and the performance.Now you know why you should need a light weight website which opens fast as possible and gives visitors a good experience.

Today’s you’ll get a basic lesson or we can say a beginners guide to enhance the WordPress speed.

Basic Guide to Speed up WordPress Website

In the basic sub-heading, you’ll know the basic methods to increase WordPress speed which include, hosting service, site layout, images and other things.

1.A Good Hosting Service

The First step is to choose a good hosting service for your website.After you register a Domain you need to have a fast and secure hosting service which easily load your website while you received many page views and visitors.

Shared hosting might kill your website speed especially when you share the popular content or you are running an authority blog.

Suggested: You can purchase Siteground hosting service for your WordPress website which is fast and reliable.With the site gound’s hosting, you don’t need many plugins like for cache, security, and others.SIteground hosting providers always work to secure your website from unknown threats.I personally looking to transfer my domain to site ground hosting.

Speed up WordPress Website

2.Install a Good theme and framework

You won’t believe that theme and framework affect your website speed more than your videos and images.Most website users don not choose lightweight WordPress theme to result in heavy and slow loading website.A lightweight theme can increase the page loading speed by 70%.

I personally recommend you to use Genesis Theme framework.Genesis framework is very popular WP framework and the mostly website is running is build with Genesis framework.We personally using Genesis framework on

You can purchase Genesis Framework and it’s child theme here.

Speed up WordPress Website

3.Use a Content delivery network

It is essential to use the content delivery network on your WordPress blog.The content delivery network helps to take all your static files you’ve got on your site like CSS, JS and images and lets visitors download them as fast as possible by serving the files on servers as close to them as possible.

This process will decrease the web page size and increase the page loading speed.Many major blogs are using a content delivery network like WPbeginner, WPmudev and we personally use free CDN service.

You can visit here to see the best CDN service for your WordPress website.

Speed up WordPress Website

4.Use Caching plugin

If you think caching plugin won’t work effectively then you’re wrong.Mostly blogger doesn’t configure caching plugin result plugin do not work properly with the high-performance rate.Few days ago I configure W3 total cache on my blog which increased the page loading speed of

You can use w3 Super cache or w3 Total cache plugin, both plugins are very popular and many websites recommend these plugin.You can read the tutorial of How to Setup W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin.

Speed up WordPress Website

5.Make your Images Light Weight

Images are the most important part of any blog post because every blogger adds images in their article to show the dynamic view of any thought and views.It is good to host images from CDN network, but it also takes the time to load whenever visitor open your website.

There is a plugin which optimizes the images automatically at the time of uploading.The name of the plugin is WPsmusIT, which will do this process to all of your images automatically, as you are uploading them.

You can also find the best image optimization plugin for WordPress here.

6.Make Your Homepage light Weight

The front page of any website is one of the most visited pages and it is important to make it light weight so visitors can get a good experience of your website.It is not hard to optimize front page you just have to do some changes and you can reduce the front page size.

Things you can do.

– Reduce the number of post in Frontpage, only show 5-7 posts per page.
– Show posts excerpts instead of full-text posts.
– Reduce the number of the sidebars widget.
– Do not add Social Sharing button on front-page.

Advanced Guide to Speed up WordPress Website

In the advance sub-heading, you’ll know the advanced methods to increase WordPress speed which is to perform by on your own risk.These options are little tough like adding expires header, Disable hotlinking, and others.

1.Disable Hotlinking

In simple words stealing your images and paste it on their blog directly is known as hotlinking.Hotlinking is also known as bandwidth theft making your server load increasingly high.Some people display images on their website by linking to the same images on your website without your permission.

It is very frustrating because it steals your images as well as costs your bandwidth, so you should disable the hotlinking which decreases the load on the server.

Open your .htaccess file and paste this code.Simply change the with your website domain.

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^$
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://(www\.)*$ [NC]
RewriteRule \.(gif|jpg|jpeg|bmp|zip|rar|mp3|flv|swf|xml|php|png|css|pdf)$ - [F]

Speed up WordPress Website

2.Add an expires header

Expires headers tell the browser whether they should request a specific file from the server or whether they should grab it from the browser’s cache.This will help to decrease the server load which results increasing the page load speed of your WordPress website.

ExpiresByType image/png A2592000
ExpiresByType image/gif A2592000
ExpiresByType image/jpg A2592000
ExpiresByType image/jpeg A2592000
ExpiresByType text/javascript A2592000
ExpiresByType application/x-javascript A2592000
ExpiresByType text/css A2592000

Final Words

So finally, the tutorial comes to the end, I hope you loved this tutorial on Speed up WordPress website.As I consider that Site ground hosting is good for WordPress that’s not mean you should purchase hosting from site ground only.You can also compare other hosting services like BlueHost, Godaddy, and Hostgator which is good according to you and the expert you follow and can really speed up WordPress website then you can purchase.

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