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A simple Guide to Choose Best Coupon Website WordPress Theme

Create a Coupon Website in WordPress

Do you know why peoples love to buy online more than going to the market?It is because they can get home delivery without going to the market.This is not the only reason that folks prefer to buy online instead of roaming in the market or retailer stores.You can get the huge discount on the online product with the help of coupon available on the many coupon websites.

I personally prefer to buy online, because I can get the discount by searching for the coupon for a specific website for example: “You can search for the coupons which can provide you the flat 20% discount on apparels “.

Nowadays coupons websites are in trending and it can be a good option for bloggers and website designers to earn money from coupon website making an authority website.

How to create a coupon website in WordPress

Today we’re going to share the step by step tutorial on how to create a coupon website in WordPress.With this simple guide you can create a coupon site easily in less time.As we know that WordPress is very popular content management system and this will be good for your Coupon website.

So let’s start the tutorial,

Step 1. Select a Niche

Selecting a niche for your coupon website is the primary step. You have to choose the niche on which you want to provide the coupons so folks can get discounts while purchasing anything online.

You can choose from apparel, electronic stuff, WordPress themes and plugins, and others such as Flipkart, Amazon, and other major e-commerce websites.

Step 2.Register a Domain and buy hosting

Now register a new domain like, and others. You should have to purchase a domain that shows your site identity and what your website is all about.

Do not register the country-based domain until you want to drive traffic from a specific country. The domain name should be TLD(top-level domain), it helps you to increase the chance of getting more traffic.

Step 3. Install the WordPress

Installation of WordPress is not hard as people think. You just have to go to the search in your website’s Cpanel and click on the install button.

If you’re new to Cpanel and WordPress then read this complete tutorial on How to install WordPress.

Step 4. Select a Coupon Website WordPress Theme

Selecting a great coupon theme is the fourth and most important part of this tutorial. You have to choose the theme according to your website needs, for example, some of the themes don’t need third-party plugins and you can create new coupons easily with the theme functionality.

It becomes easy with the theme which is specially built for coupon websites and developers inbuilt the functions of the coupon creator plugin.


Couponer is a premium theme, you can’t go with any free theme when you’re serious about your business plans that’s why we prefer to use a premium theme for your coupon website. Couponer is a good theme that comes with all the necessary elements needed in a coupon website such as Fully responsive, Clean code, membership options, submit coupons and discounts, coupon categories search, and coupon category drop-down menu.

It also has many premium features like Members Only Coupons & Discounts, WPML Supported, SEO Optimized, and Daily Offers. Coupons can be categorized as featured Popular, date added, or by expiring date, top 20.


Clipper is also a premium theme that can create a fully functional coupon website in less than an hour. It has great features which make this theme fabulous, with this theme you don’t have to install any third-party WordPress plugin to create coupons. It’s easy to start listing coupons on your site. The coupon form can require visitors to register first or keep it open for everyone to submit coupons.

You can monetize your coupon website with its popular payment system so, in addition to making income on affiliate referrals, you can charge visitors to list coupons on your site. PayPal and bank transfer modules are included.

3. Couponis

A unique theme, Couponis is made to deliver coupons that have been submitted by your users or imported via an XML/CSV file from an affiliate network, or even both. The theme is made to be extremely quick, not burden WordPress queries, and simultaneously offer the best features. You can import any coupons from your affiliate network’s XML/CSV file using the WP All Import plugin (a free version is sufficient).

Couponis is a full-featured WordPress theme for affiliate coupons. You can import coupons using WP All Import from either your file or a file given by your affiliate network. Everything is accomplished using drag and drop, and theme documentation goes into great detail.

Besides the looks and speed third crucial part of a good website is SEO ranking since what is it worth having an awesome site when nobody knows about it? They’ve used the latest SEO standards in designing the theme so you do not have to worry about it.


CouponXL is the most complete deals, discounts and coupons WordPress theme. It is specialized for selling deals, discounts and coupons online. Also it is optimized and perfect for affiliates websites. Affiliate or discount, coupon or deal websites no difference, they will work perfect with CouponXL wordpress theme for coupons, discounts and deals.

You can create a professional discount coupon website with CouponXL since it has all the features you require. Additionally, this theme has the proper style of design to let your visitors know right away that they have arrived at the ideal destination to save money.

Step 5.Install the Coupon Creator Plugin

Running a website and don’t want to change the existing theme of your website? If yes, then you can use the plugins to create the coupons on your website without changing the existing template. There are many plugins available that can create a simple website to a fully functional coupon website.

1.Coupon Creator

Coupon creators can create coupons so you can show the coupon on your website. It uses shortcodes to create the coupon, but it can’t make your existing website into a fully functional coupon website.

With this plugin, you can create new coupons as well as set the expiry date of the coupon. It is a free plugin and you can download coupon creator from’s plugin directory.

How to Get Coupons from Different websites

Any website without content is nothing more than just a closed marketplace. You can do business if you don’t have something to sell to the customers and that is why it is essential to collect the coupons for your recently launched coupon website.

You’re running a website where people can get the discount from your coupon, but do you know how to get coupons that can avail your visitor get the discount?

  1. You can subscribe to an affiliate account, for example, such as Amazon, or Flipkart.
  2. After you signup for the affiliate account, you’ll start getting discount coupons which you can use to buy anything at less price or you can also post on your website.
  3. You can also put discount offers from other major coupon websites.
  4. Some website gives you the option to decrease your margin and increase the discount.

Final Words

On completing the above steps of a simple guide to creating a coupon website in WordPress, you will be having a coupon website up and running. I tried to keep this guide as short yet as detailed as possible.

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