How to Add Favicon In WordPress with 4 Different Ways

Favicons are just a tiny icon of a website which is significant for the branding of the website.In exact words, a Favicon is an icon which shows in the internet browser and used for bookmarks in the browser and in smartphones.

You believe it or not, but Favicon can help to grow your website and strengthen your brand.It helps you to improve user experience and helps strengthen your brand.

You don’t need to know the rocket science to add a Favicon to your website, you can do it by just following this tutorial.We have created a tutorial on How to Add Favicon In WordPress with 4 Different Ways.

How to Add Favicon In WordPress

Here is the tutorial in which we How to Add Favicon In WordPress with 4 Different Ways.Before getting start you have to create a Favicon for your website which you can create by using any one of these three tools.

  1. Faviconer

Once you create a Favicon for your website, you can proceed to the next step in which you’ll learn to add Favicon on your website.

So lets’s start the tutorial with our first method

1.Adding favicon manually

The first method is to add the Favicon is adding it manually.Manually adding is quite tough for the first time users, but if you know the little bit about WordPress and how to find it’s code files then you can do it easily.

This method includes some editing in coding files, so we recommend you to do it after backing up your files and database or if you’re not friendly with this method you can skip this and use anyone from the other three methods.

This method of adding Favicon on your website requires inserting a single line of code in your header.php file.

  1. First, upload your favicon.ico file on your root directory from the cpanel or using FTP.
  2. Now check that image is successfully uploaded or not by entering a URL of
  3. Once you successfully upload the Favicon.ico file, now insert the single line of code in the header.php between the <head></head> tag.

<link  rel=”shortcut icon” type=”image/x-icon” href=”favicon.ico” >

2.Upload from WordPress Customizer

The second method of adding Favicon without using any plugin is uploading your Favicon image from the WordPress customizer option of your WordPress dashboard.This method allows you to add Favicon without adding a single line of code or installing any third party plugin.

To upload your Favicon image, you have to click on the customise from the options panel of the WordPress dashboard, see the screenshot if you unable to find the customise option.

How To Add Favicon In WordPress

The next step is to click on the site identity which you can see on the customizer page.For the most of the theme have site identity, but few of them have the different name or heading like Site header, Site logo.

How To Add Favicon In WordPress

Once you did this, a new page will open where you have to upload the image of your Favicon.The best thing about using this method is you can upload .GIF, PNG and JPG image files.

How To Add Favicon In WordPress

Once your image uploaded, click on the save button and you’re all done.

3.Upload Favicon From Theme Option

Nowadays most of the theme comes with the theme option which is the plus point for the WordPress users.With the theme option of a website, you can do many things without insert a single line of code.Our website’s theme also have a theme options panel where we can make changes.

If you’re using the premium theme and your WP theme have the feature of theme option, go open the options panel and find the option of the uploading icon for your website.

4. Adding Through Plugins

If your theme doesn’t have the feature of uploading Favicon from the theme option, then you can use the third party plugin.The fourth and the easiest way of adding the Favicon on your website is to use the third party WordPress plugin.

1.Favicon XT-Manager

Favicon XT-Manager is easy to use WordPress plugin to add a favicon to your WordPress website. A favicon is a little icon that browsers display next to a page’s title on a browser tab, or in the address bar next to its URL. By using this simple plugin you will be able to easily upload a favicon to your WordPress site.

2.All In One Favicon

All in one Favicon is one of the best plugins to add Favicon on your website.You can either use favicons you already uploaded or use the built-in upload mechanism to upload a favicon to your WordPress installation.

All in one Favicon plugin supports three major formats of icons, .ico, .png and .gif (For animated).The best thing about this plugin is that you can use this plugin easily.

3.Favicon Rotator

Favicon Rotator makes it easy to customise the favicon for your site. Just add a favicon via the administration page and it will be displayed whenever someone visits your site.

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