How to secure wordpress site from hackers

How to secure your wordpress site from hackersYou can see the millions of result when you enter the keyword in the Google search bar or any other Search engine.You can see every website has own opinion on How to To prevent your WordPress site from hackers.

Recently many WordPress sites being hacked by hackers.Hackers can also attack your WordPress site, so you must have to learn how to secure WordPress site from hackers.We’re going to tell you some tips and tricks which prevent your site from hackers.

I personally never experience to be hacked by anyone, but I’m always curious about my WordPress security.I’m using Hide My WP plugin to hide all the themes and plugin I use on my blog and I can’t disclose the other plugin for security reasons.

1.Change your Login URL

Most of the hackers try to login with your WordPress Username and password.Login URL easy to find anyone who is known to WordPress self-hosted website.

Anyone can find login URL of your WordPress blog by just enter Wp-login.php after your domain name, so first you have to change the login URL.

Changed login URL is only known by you and no one can hack your WordPress site.There are many plugins which can change your WordPress login URL to a custom login URL.

Recommended Plugins
Custom Login Url, WP hide login, Hide My WP

2.Set limited Login Attempt

Limited login attempt really works when anyone trying to login into your account by entering the wrong password again and again.You already know your username and password, so it’s very easy to login into your WordPress dashboard in the first and the second attempt.

Set the login attempt which secure your site from login from other IPs by disallows the login after few attempts.No one can login again after 2-3 attempt.

Recommended Plugins
Limited Login plugin

3.Create a Strong Password

The Strong password is hard to crack even professional hackers can’t crack a strong password without hint.A strong password contains your a unique memory name or anything you want to add in your password.Generally a strong password contains Upper and lower cases in the password.

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4.Change Password in 2-3 months

It is very important to change the login password after a specific month or after 2-3 months.Cracking the password takes some few days, months or more than a year, so you can’t wait to getting hack by someone.

You can spoil the plan of hackers by changing the password again and again.It’s Ideal to change the password within 72 days.

5.Core Update

Update your WordPress version helps to fix all the bugs of previous versions.Hackers find the bug in the software and attack on the weak point and that is why WordPress always update their core setting to decrease the intrusions.

6.Install a WordPress Firewall

WordPress firewall or security software helps to protect your site from being hacked.It’s like an anti-virus which protect your WordPress site such as PC or a laptop.

WordPress firewall checking for vulnerabilities, and by implementing and enforcing the latest recommended WordPress security practices and techniques.

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7.Set a Unique Username

Without username no one can login into your site dashboard, it’s very important to set a unique username.Don’t forget to show your real name on your WordPress site because whenever you comment or publish a new post on your everyone can see the username.
Select a username different from your real name like if your real name is Sam broad don’t set sam as your Username.You can select [email protected] or any other which should be hard to crack.

8.Block Indexing the wp-admin Area

Disallow search engines to index the admin area of your WordPress blog which helps to hide important files like Wp-configure or any other.It’s not easy to find admin area file after hiding them and it takes very long time to hack your website.

9.Hide the Fact that you’re using WordPress

Do you know whenever attackers make the decision to hack your website, they find which themes or plugin you’re using.If you customized a parent theme and using child theme then it’s not easy to install malicious program on your site.
Use Hide My WP WordPress plugin to hide the information about your themes, plugins and your CMS.

10.Block IP addresses which already attacked.

You can find the most malicious and spammy IP addresses which are enlisted as red alert in the list of IP addresses.You’ll get a mail whenever anyone try to attack your site.You can block those IP addresses to access your site from CPanel easily.


I personally followed these tips on the regular basis, these tips really works if you follow them same as I told you.If you have another tip related to secure your WordPress site please share with us and with our readers.

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