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Peepso WordPress plugin to create a Social Networking Website

Peepso is a WordPress plugin which recently launched to create a Social Networking websites without knowing too much Coding.

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Peepso WordPress plugin have inbuilt great feature which helps to create a beautiful Social Networking websites on WordPress platform.WordPress already have many plugins to make your WordPress site a powerful social networking site and BuddyPress is one of them.

Peepso is ready to compete head to head with BuddyPress which is available in Free for everyone.Peepso is also available for free from WordPress plugin directory, but free version of Peepso doesn’t have too many basic features like private messages, adding photos, adding friends to me.

Key Features

Activity Stream

Whenever your friend will post an update, you can your mutual friends can see the post, like the post, comment on the post and also share the posts with other friends with the privacy options.

Peepso allows users to update status, upload photos and videos on activity stream and also can show the current mood same as you can do in the Facebook.


Most users love to use Social Networking sites on mobile and tab and rarely use desktop to chat with friends on the different social networking site, so it’s very important to design a mobile responsive social networking website.

Peepso developers make this plugin very responsive so you and your friends can use your website on any device, it doesn’t matter which device they’re using.


Need to add another functionality don’t worry you can do it with the different extension which already launched by Peepso developers and developing to make and work your website better in the future.

Powerful Admin

Now a professional WordPress users? don’t worry you no need to have the full knowledge of WordPress to use this plugin.

You can easily use all the functions of this plugin with a basic knowledge of plugins and WordPress from its dashboard.You can see the statistics from the dashboard and can Monitor activities and reports directly from the dashboard.


A Social networking website is a waste without friends, so Peepso allow members of your website to add the friends, delete the friends, send the friend request, decline the friend request and much more.

Members of your website also have the option to enable the privacy of their post updates that who can see the updates.


We are talking about friends, so how we can’t forget about private messages?Peepso also provides an extension to add the private messages option on your website.

With this option members of your website can send private messages to anyone if the person is present in the friend list.


Members of your website can set the privacy option that who can see the updates.Users can also choose who can see the updates with a specific person.They can choose who can see what and even change their mind later if they wish.


Peepso developers are working to create an extension to add the option of chat in the plugin.You’re thinking that private messages are available so why Chat option is essential?

In the Private message, members cannot add another friend in the conversation, but chat option will have.


Peepso is available in two versions free and premium, free version is a basic version which doesn’t have Photos Plugin, video plugin, mood plugin, tagging plugin, location plugin, friends plugin, messages plugin and premium version have all these features.



There is no doubt that Peepso is a great plugin to create social community, but it has lack of features in free version and on the other side BuddyPress is a free version and loaded with these basics feature for free like messaging, add the friends and others.

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Peepso WordPress plugin Review
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    Quality - 95%
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    Support - 91%
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    Price - 87%
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    Features - 90%


Peepso is a WordPress plugin which can create a Social community, Social Networking website on WordPress platform.It has some different great features.

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