How To Reduce Bounce Rate in a WordPress blog

How To Reduce Bounce Rate in a WordPress blog

Generally most of the website owner don’t know how important to reduce bounce rate of a website.Today we’re going to share the effective techniques and methods on How To Reduce Bounce Rate in WordPress?Do you ever try to find what is bounce rate and how it affect your website?If not then read here what is bounce rate.

What is Bounce Rate of a Website?

Whenever a visitor or many visitors leaves your website without click on any link or open another page of your website is consider as bounce back of visitors.Calculation the percentage of bounce back of the visitor is called the bounce rate of a website.

Bounce rate increases because of many reasons, but its hard to find the main reason behind the increasing in the bounce rate.

How to check your website’s bounce rate

There are plenty of traffic statistics tools are available on the internet which are free and paid both.You can use one of the stats tools to check your bounce rate.

Alexa is a free as well as a paid traffic analytical tool which shows traffic stats of your website.You can see the limited stats without subscribes its paid also shows you the bounce rate of the website.

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How To Reduce Bounce Rate in a WordPress blog

Google Analytics

Google analytics is a very famous traffic stat tool which shows you the exact traffic stats of your blog and this tools is consider as the best analytical tools with the most accurate traffic stats.

You can also check the bounce rate of your website from Google analytics.It allows you to see the last 7 days, 15 days, a month ago, 6 months ago and also 1 year before bounce rate.

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How To Reduce Bounce Rate in a WordPress blog

Why is Lower Bounce Rate Good?

Lower bounce rate ensures your customers and advertisers that your website is getting many visitors and subscriber which makes your website more profitable for your and also for your advertisers.It also helps to increase the page views which directly increases your income.

Here we are the ideal bounce rate which shows how good your website is getting visitors.

  • Poor Bounce Rate – Over 75 to 80%
  • Average Bounce Rate – 50 to 60%
  • Good Bounce Rate – Around or lower than 40%
  • Excellent Bounce Rate – Around or lower than 20%


The main reason behind increasing the bounce rate is inappropriate content which is not relevant for the visitor according to their needs.For examples of non-relevant content is you’re searching for the best companies in Uk (England) and the search result included best companies in Uk (Uttarakhand, India) they would quickly bounce.

Other causes of bounce rate are:

  1. Bad designed site
  2. Low-quality content
  3. Too much popup opt-in forms
  4. Slow loading pages
  5. Bad navigation
  6. Lack of Mobile Responsiveness
  7. Too many adds
  8. Errors and page not found

How To Reduce Bounce Rate in a WordPress blog

You can see the causes of high bounce rate, so it’s is important to fix these issues to control the bounce rate of your website.Read step by step to fix the issues in your website.

1.Bad designed site

Badly designed site means a bad layout of the theme you’re using on your website.A bad layout is which don’t have a well-formatted layout for content and visitors can’t see the content easily.Most visitors don’t want to open those sites which have the slider of the information for example

Solutions: WordPress users have good solution, you can choose the best premium theme which is well formatted and good designed.You can purchase premium themes from my theme shop, ThemeForest and from elegant themes.

2.Low-quality content

As I consider that quality content is the main reason of having high or low bounce rate.If your website has low-quality content which is not relevant for the visitors, they’ll leave your website instantly which results in the higher bounce rate.
Solutions: Here is the article on how to write the quality content read this article and next time try to write a good and valuable article.

3.Too much popup opt-in forms

Too much use of popup opt-in forms are very annoying and visitors don’t like those web pages where they have to deal with popup opt-in form.

Solutions: You can trigger your popup after 5-10 seconds which is less annoying than instant popup whenever visitor visit your site.

4.Slow loading pages

Page loading speed always is the one of the main reason for high bounce rate.Visitors don’t like to wait to open a page for a long time that it why every SEO expert suggest fast loading speed of a page or whole website.

Solution: Use best hosting service and content delivery network on your WordPress blog.You should also use cache plugins on your WordPress blog.

5.Bad navigation

Bad navigation or confusing navigation confuses the visitor of your website.It is essential to creating a good and easy navigation of on your website so visitors can surf your website.

Solution: Create a good navigation bar on your website and show the breadcrumbs on your website so that visitor can get where are they.

6.Lack of Mobile Responsiveness

Lack of mobile responsiveness refers to the website layout which is not friendly with mobile devices like Android phones and IOS phones.

Recently Google and Bing rolled out their update on the mobile friendly website.If you website is not friendly with mobile then Google is not going to drive traffic to your website.

Solution: Purchase a mobile responsive theme or install WP touch plugin on your blog.WP touch plugin converts your existing theme to mobile friendly theme whenever it recognize a mobile device.

7.Too many adds

As I told you that too many popup are annoying for visitors, same as too many adds are also very annoying for visitors.It will hard to find the content on the page.Overuse of adds also make your web page slow and heavy.

Solution: Do not put more than 3 adds on a single page.2-3 ads per pages is an ideal number of ads.

8.Errors and page not found

Increasing in the page errors and page not found affect your website SEO and also visitors bounce back when they see the error on the page.

Solution: There is only one solution to get rid of this problem is fix the page errors as soon as possible.

Final Words

Reducing bounce rate is a long and time-consuming process, you can’t see the changes instantly so wait for few day or weeks you’ll see the positive result in your high bounce rate.These are the main reason for high bounce rate so you have to fix these issue and you’ll see the positive results.

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