Bloom WordPress plugin: An Email Opt-in Builder for WordPress

Bloom WordPress pluginBloom WordPress plugin is use for building email opt-in forms for your WordPress blog.It is a very features WordPress plugin to create Subscribe us forms, opt-ins, sidebar forms and much more.

Every blogger must need to create a Wp subscribe box to attract their readers to get sign up in the mailing subscription.

What is Bloom?

A WordPress plugin or we can say a tool to create beautiful email opt-ins for your WordPress blog.This plugin allows you to select a great template from huge options.Isn’t it good that this is the best WordPress Email opt-in builder.

Bloom is available only if you purchase the theme membership of  the elegant theme.Bloom will convert your blog’s visitors into loyal readers.

Key Features of Bloom WordPress Plugin

  • 6 Different Display Types
  • Pop-Up & Fly-In Triggers
  • 12 Email Marketing Integrations
  • The Bloom Dashboard
  • Import and Export Bloom Data
  • Responsive & Retina Ready

6 Different Display Types

Bloom allow you to display your email opt-ins in 6 different locations or we can say 6 different display types.With these feature, you can place your email opt-in where you want.

1.Automatic Opt-In Pop-Up: Automatic Opt-In pop-up option allows you to trigger the pop-up after the setup time delay.After the purchase the product or a specific time delay a Pop-up box will automatically open on the screen.


2.Automatic Opt-In Fly-Ins: Automatic Opt-ins same as triggered by the time delays, a fly-ins open in the right of the display after the specific time delay.


3.Inline Opt-In Forms: If you don’t want to use Pop-up display and FLY-ins, so just grab a shortcode and paste the where you want to show the Email Opt-ins between your blog post.


4.Below Content Opt-In Forms: Do you want to show the Opt-in form after the content?Bloom allows users to automatically add email Opt-ins after the content which allows readers to subscribe easily.


5.Widget Area Opt-In Forms: Another display option of Opt-in form is in the sidebar widget.Most of the blogger love to add the email Opt-ins in the sidebar, so just choose the theme and select the display location as widget display.


6.Require Opt-In To Unlock Content: Do not want to share your premium content without getting anything, but don’t want to sell it.Just locked your premium content with Opt-in and unlock the content only for email subscribers.


Automatic Pop-Up & Fly-In Triggers

  • Timed Delay: Email Opt-in form automatically triggered after the specific time delays.
  • Bottom of Post: Whenever  reader of your blog reach the bottom of the blog post, email Opt-in automatically triggered.
  • After Scrolling: With this option, triggered your email Opt-in after a reader scroll blog page to a definite percentage.
  • After Commenting: After commenting option automatically trigger Opt-in form after the reader comment on your blog.
  • After Purchasing: With this option, shows the future products discount, related product or any other Offer updates.

12 Email Marketing Integrations

Not using WordPress Default email service, don’t worry bloom box WordPress plugin support more that 12 major Email marketing service like MailChimp, Aweber, Campaign Monitor, Get Response and other major Email services.



Many Color options and Beautiful Designs

Bloom WordPress plugin is very beautiful and clean minimal designed Email Opt-in builder.Bloom has many designs, templates, colors, different border styles and much more.

  • It has 100+ ready templates for Your WordPress Email Opt-ins.
  • 3 Image option, Bottom, below and center.
  • 6 + border styling available to show the elegance.
  • Unlimited color option available to make colorful Forms.

Bloom Statistics

With Bloom WordPress Plugin, you can see the growth of your mailing list whenever you open the dashboard of Blog Email Opt-ins plugin.

It is best Statistics tool to see the mailing list of your subscribers.Conversion rates, Impressions and much more.


Mobile Responsive with Disable Option

Bloom is build with the responsive layout and friendly with every layout.Bloom build the responsive email Opt-in forms and if you don’t want to show email Opt-ins on mobile devices you can disable in the Mobile devices.



Bloom Plugin Review
  • 95%
    Quality - 95%
  • 93%
    Support - 93%
  • 75%
    Price - 75%
  • 98%
    Features - 98%


Bloom WordPress plugin is uses for building email opt-in forms for your WordPress blog.It is a very features WordPress plugin to create Subscribe us forms, opt-ins, sidebar forms and much more.

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